Assessment of Professional Career

 Assessment of Professional Career 



I am scribing the following from France; Ahmed, Khandaker Foysal who has completed 1-year Industry work including Amazon GmbH, Fiege GmbH and Stanzwerk GmbH of Germany in various a variety within logistic organization with various department in Germany. I have also worked 1. 5 years in product sales and profits, marketing and branding into a couple of multinational organization name- Lycamobile GmbH and Lebara Sline GmbH.

Therefore, I’m writing to assessment of professional career. At the beginning of the professional career in Germany I began sales and marketing in Lycamobile GmbH while completely different circumstance with different language always bring difficulties for new comer. During this period of time I was beginner of German language but nevertheless I performed quite convenience way instead of German native speakers. I overcome at the initial provision period by showing one the of bestselling rate in Germany among thousands of employees. The ratio of selling rate is on average more than 15 Sim card for promotion per day that’s reflects and pursue me to extended my contract further and a strong appearance in front of the employer. Highest selling rate was approximately 35 Sim card for promotion at twice in a week whereas all previous record has broken. In addition, I have distributed more than 2500 Sim card as well as registration and activation almost 10000 Sim card in terms of customer service, office equipment, client requirement and skill development. In addition, I have joined with Lebara Sline only 3 months while branding and merchandising were my vital and initial activities. The ratio of selling rate is on average more than 20 Sim card for hot-spot hence quite impressive and performed spontaneously in all sought of sales, marketing, branding and merchandising.
After successfully competition of 1-year industry work I am trending myself as a skilled worker in considering of learning maintenance of equipment, accelerating of equipment and practical knowledge of work.
Respectively I have fulfilled initial requirement and advance training of Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering in Computer Networking during Germany and I have paid all remaining tuition fees and most demanding procedure of meditation. As a result, officially I bought a strong analytical knowledge of Computer & Digital publishing and gained knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Microsoft Office in 2016, Adobe In Design , Adobe Illustrator and in small amount of hardware and so on. This Diploma will also help me to study further Master in International Management (M1) and make my knowledge tune and emphasis of unique sector of Introduction to Web Design, Network Security & Service, Hardware, Operating System, Computer Forensics, Java Programming.  
Considering of knowledge for Graphic Design and working with outsourcing  organization such as,Up and True inspired me to become myself tidy and systematical. As a result, inbreed changes occurred hence being able to help me setting all presets of platform, manipulation, design & style, model, report writing, typography plus page layout. In terms of Internship or report writing spontaneously  will differentiate me among the other applicant.

Motivation Letter

 Motivation Letter 



I am scribing the following from France;Ahmed, Khandaker Foysal who has accomplished Bachelor of Business Administration in Operation Management and Diploma throughout Computer Science and Engineering in Computer Networking. Additionally, I possess also completed 1-year industry work in Germany in various a variety within logistic organization with various department due to attending master’s program in Germany of Technical Logistic. Though it was not per-requisite of my course as a consequence of better acknowledgment of European market as I planned that beginning of the module. At a time I have also professionally experienced into European market with 1. 5 years in product sales & profits, marketing and branding into a couple of multinational organization name - Lycamobile GmbH and Lebara Sline GmbH. Earlier belonging to the Graduation, Higher Secondary Certificate and Sender School Certificate I have also accomplished consequently major was in science.

Therefore, I’m writing to applying within Master in International Management in Toulouse 1 Capitole University, France. Being the next oldest higher education Institution throughout France after the Sorbonne, Toulouse 1 Capitole University (UT1) has well-established traditions around teaching excellence dating back through 1229. In World universities and colleges ranking it has declared 300-350th place. I have chosen this kind of university with one of the world’s leading education systems along with an increasing number of courses being taught throughout English, so far there has under no circumstances been a better time to analysis in France.
The International Management course combines entrepreneurship, business renewal, and internationalization to offer applicant a broad perspective perception on business and provide an excellent foundation for applicant foreseeable future career. The course works on the dynamic nature of associated with today’s business life. Inside a world with an increasing intercontinental competition there is a great desire for managers who can develop per-existing businesses by seizing start up business opportunities. The course provides companies with managers ready to deal with cross-cultural management circumstances and transnational business concerns. It is highly selective along with targets students with a formidable motivation to work in an overseas environment and ready to develop the particular competences needed by inter cultural businesses. The course pressures the importance of working methods including case studies, team deliver the results and readings, to which individuals are required to participate actively. Significance about International Management will indicate significant sectors for the France economy is among the strongest in the world. France is among the leading commercial economies in the automotive, aerospace and railways sectors, as well as in cosmetics, luxury goods, insurance policy, pharmaceuticals, telecoms, power generation, defense, agriculture and hospitality. France is also the world's leading tourist destination instructions at least in terms of numbers, although not in terms of tourist coughing up. This course will create significant design and style through brainstorming towards European market as well as Asian market place. If I want to work around international and global business settings or various production house or industries, International Management is the most desiring program for me to reach to any community as indicated. My Primary career interest is being a professional International manager in any discipline and at a following time investing a small amount of money into Forex market. Mention ally I am looking forward to work for a dynamic organization – that will push me to my limits and make use of my potential for the betterment of the organization.

    I have chosen your reputed university and International Management in terms of opportunity studying in English and previously back grounded of Operation Management in Bachelor of Business Administration also possibility to apply for the Eiffel Scholarship being an International student.I had been worked so many organization a couple of year and successfully accomplished a lot of project and case study. So, I believe that this master degree will pursue me a better organizational skill and at a time help me to reach to my goal and bring prosper of countries economy.

Exploring connected with my previous academic background I am demanding own myself personally to be a suitable applicant for this subject due to module belonging to the course as I have already covered few of during my Bachelor of Business Administration and directly into my professional career Instead of 1-year fieldwork in Germany,1. 5 years in product sales and profits, marketing and branding into a couple of multinational organization name Lycamobile GmbH and Lebara Sline GmbH. 

Inconsideration to roaming different place into numerous market it emphasis very own knowledge of sales and marketing and helps myself to understand structural development almost any organization, competitors as well as motivate different types of customer and hole seller. I attended 12-month preliminary graphic design course while I am quite capable sufficient to create design and work with together support Adobe InDesign, Photoshop along with Illustrator and many more. As a result, inbreed changes occurred hence being able to help me setting all presets of platform, manipulation, design and style and model, report writing, typography plus page layout. In terms of Internship or report writing spontaneously It will differentiate me among the others. I have very unique knowledge of Java Programming and even trading into Forex market. At the beginning of starting learning Forex practically 1. 5 years,I did analyze Forex market and several a variety of currency. After successfully accomplishment of Master in International Management will help me becoming a part time trader also make contributions myself to growth of France Economy. Reasons of performing Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing I ought to write with so many blog along with posting a lot which allows me to make myself determined and build a strong community which can be very relevant to that training and professional career. Previously two of mines article includes published into In addition, randomly I am composing lyrics, updating creation of art and design right into my own blog named- and also working with publications. Through my effective oral,written and interpersonal communication skill I have cultivated relationship with Authors and have been acknowledged in numerous publication. Examples of publications include importance of technology,variance in society and self employed.

    I am a strong applicant consideration to my communication skills whereas International Management jobs require a high level of language proficiency. Managers have to communicate easily with employees and other management staff and should be conversational, yet also quite versed in high level vocabulary. Positive able to speak couple of language such As-English, German, T-Language, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu are very crucial and relevant to increase the value of applicant appearance. I have already started learning France since 6 months. In fact, I would like to enjoy the international aspects in my courses that I achieved high grade in training systems like analytical, conceptual and even mathematical. In my leisure time, I additionally choose to indulge myself around activities related to cultural experiences such as lyrics writing in addition and even painting. In profession I am in sought of Billiard player. I can participate in various inter university or inter European annual contest and capable enough to enlightening university name & reputation. Though I am a pen artist and drew a lot of picture have not utilized so that later on I can transmute all of my pen art in to longer canvas. After a certain period of time I will step forward on it.

    I believe the campaign and knowledge that are required to develop a Bachelor degree of Business Administration with majoring in Operation Management well-prepare me to the investigation of International Management. So that I have pointed my SMART goal. SMART goals are ones that are- specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound. Along with the international experience that I accumulated, I am competent in controlling the academic workload and obstacles which will be brought by the study.